3 Reasons you need a Variable Speed Air Conditioner in Your Northshore Home

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3 Reasons you need a Variable Speed Air Conditioner in Your Northshore Home

If you’re looking to replace your Northshore home’s AC system, we highly recommend you consider a variable speed air conditioner. These new, state-of-the-art home cooling systems are different from traditional ACs because their compressors and fan motors inside the outdoor unit work at a variety of speeds 24/7. And the speed at which they work is all dependent on how much you want the system to cool your home at any given moment in time.

Here at Benfatti, we don’t just recommend variable speed air conditioners because they’re the newest and flashiest home cooling systems on the market. Instead, we have 3 key reasons that we encourage Northshore homeowners like you to install variable speed air conditioners: 

1. Achieve Increased Cooling Efficiency

Let’s be real. In Southeastern Louisiana, we need our home ACs to work fast and efficiently. After all, it gets so hot and humid down here!

Variable speed air conditioners are uniquely designed to cool your home in the most efficient way possible. Because the outdoor unit’s compressor and fan motors vary their speeds depending on how much you need your home’s interior temperature to drop, a variable speed air conditioner only works as hard as you need it to. This means it doesn’t overrun or use extra energy when not necessary.

2. Stay Cool While Saving on Your Electricity Bill

There’s a reason so many Northshore homeowners choose the level billing payment option on their electricity bills – our electricity usage seriously spikes as we do our best to keep our families cool and comfortable in the summer!

While level payment billing plans can help you spread out your electricity costs over the year, variable speed air conditioners help you keep your family comfortable in the summer while using less electricity – thus lowering your usage and bills even further.

The key to lower utility usage and bills is that the compressor and fans run only as fast as they need to in order to deliver your desired interior air temperature. This significantly reduces your electricity usage without sacrificing your family’s comfort. 

3. Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

So many Northshore families live with loved ones who have allergies of some sort. It’s especially important for these families to have a way to not only cool their homes, but also manage their homes’ indoor air quality.

Unlike traditional ACs, variable speed air conditioners are constantly in motion – even if they are running at the slowest possible speed to keep your home at your desired interior temperature. Because variable speed air conditions are constantly working, allergens like dust and pet dander are always circulating, instead of lying stagnant where they can irritate your allergen-sensitive loved ones. This increases your home’s indoor air quality, and makes everyone happier and healthier.

Special Financing Options Available to Northshore Homeowners

We know that upgrading your home’s AC is an investment. We also know that sometimes the need for a new AC is a “surprise” expense you weren’t exactly prepared for.

To make installing a variable speed air conditioner more affordable, we offer special financing on new AC installations for Northshore homeowners. Offers include payment plans with terms as great as 0% interest for up to 5 years for qualified homeowners, depending on the equipment selected!

Contact Us to Learn More About Variable Speed Air Conditioners

If you have any questions about how a variable speed air conditioner can be a great solution for your family and your home, let us know! We’re happy to explain the benefits of these new cooling systems to you. To reach us, call (985) 646-0540.