AC Repair: Should You Fix or Replace?

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Have you recently called us out to do a tune up on your A/C system, only to find out there’s a big, hard to pronounce part that needs to be replaced for a pretty penny?

Or, have you already been using it this spring to stay cool, but it’s just not cooling down your home as quickly and efficiently as it used to?

Every year, we work with many Northshore and metro New Orleans homeowners who aren’t certain if they should keep pouring money into fixing their existing A/C system, or if they should simply invest in a new A/C system for their home and family. And as comfort specialists in our area for 30 years, we work individually with these homeowners to help them find the best solution for their unique needs.

We’ll Never Tell You That You Need to Replace Your System if There’s a Lower Cost Fix That Can Get You Through The Summer 

When you’re working with Benfatti, you need to know that we take our integrity and your trust in us very seriously. We’re not in the business of pushing new A/C systems into homes through the Northshore and metro New Orleans. We work to get you and your family as comfortable as possible, as soon as possible.

Whether your A/C isn’t working properly or isn’t working at all, if there’s a lower cost solution to replacing it we’re going to be honest about what fixing your A/C system can do for you. Besides making less of a dent in your wallet, we’ll tell you how long you can expect this fix to last. In some cases, replacing an integral part of your A/C system can add years of life to it. In other situations, it may only be a band aid solution. Whatever the case is for your house, you can trust that we’ll tell you the truth, and give you our honest opinion.

When Replacing Your A/C System Makes the Most Sense 

Some families have been making fixes to their tried and true A/C system for years, and it still doesn’t drop the interior temperature to the desired degree, work as fast or efficiently as it used to, or just simply breaks down every year. For these families whom we have a long history of servicing, sometimes the best answer to get them as comfortable as possible is to invest in a new A/C system for their home.

We know that replacing an A/C system is a big expenses, which is why we offer:

  • TRANE TruComfort Equipment, which is among the best of the best A/C systems you can get
  • 0% Interest for up to 5 years on certain equipment, for Northshore and metro New Orleans residents who quality
  • Same day service 7 days a week, so we can get your comfortable with your new A/C system as soon as possible
  • Maintenance agreement programs to help maintain your new home investment for years to come
  • Filter maintenance to change your filters 1 time a month, which is the cheapest way to extend the life of your new A/C system

Making The Right Decision for Your Home and Your Family 

Whether you decide to fix or replace, we want you to feel confident that you’ve made the right decision for your home and your family. That’s why we see it as our job to distill as much technical information into easy to understand language as possible.

If you ever have a question about how your home’s A/C system is operating, or seems to keep breaking, we want to help. Simply call us on the Northshore at (985) 646-0540  or in the New Orleans area at (504) 241-3135.