A/C Systems for Restaurants

For Slidell, Mandeville, Covington & Metro New Orleans

Patrons value clean restaurants. From the floors to the bathrooms, customers notice how clean your restaurant is and it has a huge impact on their perceptions of the quality of the food and service. Unfortunately many restaurant owners overlook the impact of their air cooling and heating system on the cleanliness of the restaurant. Here’s how we can help you create a cleaner environment and save you money at the same time.

Clean Air

• Ultra violet lights and high performance air cleaners eliminate food odors, creating a more inviting atmosphere
• Clean coils together with special cleaners create a clean environment and fresh smell

Scheduled Maintenance

• Clean systems are more efficient – save money
• Our routine maintenance plan reduces the number of breakdowns
• We identify potential problems before they occur and eliminate an additional visit
• Repairs will cost less when potential issues are discovered early
• Inform restaurant owner of status of equipment and what to expect
• Reduce potential drain clogs
• Manufacturer’s guaranteed efficiencies require routine servicing

Priority Service

• Maintenance plan customers receive priority same day service.
• Calls answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Guaranteed availability of a technician/comfort specialist