Commercial HVAC Repair, Design & Installation

Commercial HVAC Repair, Design & Installation

For Slidell, Mandeville, Covington & Metro New Orleans

Does your business need maintenance & repairs on your commercial/industrial HVAC system? Or are you considering replacing your old system which keeps giving you trouble.

HVAC systems are completely different from residential AC systems, so don’t trust the first AC contractor you find to handle the job.

Since 1989, our team has specialized in commercial HVAC air conditioning & heating systems for our south Louisiana clients. Contact us today anywhere in our service area including Mandeville, Slidell, Covington or metro New Orleans.

The Importance of Commercial HVAC

Regular maintenance for your commercial air conditioning unit, or HVAC system, is an essential part of running your business. With maintenance services you are able to ensure that the air in your building is filtered and comfortable for your employees and customers, alike, while also ensuring that you are paying the least amount possible in monthly energy bills and repairs.

Why HVAC Maintenance Matters to Your Business

Increased reliability

Maintaining your HVAC unit allows it to function in the capacity that it was intended to, making your unit more reliable with its air conditioning tasks. When all of the contributing parts are regularly checked on and replaced when needed, the functioning consistency of the unit becomes more reliable throughout the day as well as its lifetime.

Increased comfort

When all parts are functioning efficiently then the unit is better able to condition the air according to your desired settings. Without broken parts or dirty filters, thanks to regular maintenance, you can count on your air being conditioned as planned.

Extended equipment life

The HVAC unit relies on many working parts and when one part is not functioning optimally it can compromise the functionality of all of the other parts. Regular maintenance prevents this negative trickle-down effect, ensuring that the equipment is able to work well for a longer period of time.

Lower operating costs

A dirty filter or eroded coil can greatly impact the functionality of your unit. Impaired functioning can put a strain on your unit and require more energy to meet the needs of your building. This results in higher energy bills and more repair costs. Regular maintenance helps prevent these costs from rising while keeping the efficiency at peak performance.

Regular Maintenance Services

Routine maintenance is an incredibly important part of overall efficiency of your air conditioning system. Our technicians will inspect and maintain the unit equipment, which can help prevent costly repairs and replacements in the future. A system diagnostic check is an essential step in the maintenance process and allows our technicians to directly address any pieces that are not functioning optimally. We can also identify and repair any leaks in the ducts, further preventing your energy bills from rising unnecessarily.

Same Day Service

We know that sometimes things happen and bad weather can take a toll on your unit. If your unit is down or a piece is broken, we are available to respond to your emergency needs the same day! Our technicians are available 7 days a week.

We offer honest explanations and clear pricing right away so that you can make a decision in a timely manner. We guarantee that our repairs are completed properly the first time and we will not charge you overtime for night, weekend or holiday emergencies. If your unit is not working then do not hesitate to contact us to get it repaired right away!

Industries We Serve

We have been serving our community for almost 30 years, both in residential and commercial capacities. We have the experience along with the equipment, no matter your service needs. Here are a few examples of the industries we serve.

Retail stores

You work hard for your business and your customers are your number one priority. Maintaining a comfortable environment is an essential part in providing your customers with a pleasant experience. We understand this and provide regular maintenance services to retail stores, along with timely repairs and installations as needed.


Medical offices have a heightened need for clean air and efficient air conditioning units. Our equipment can help remove up to 99.9% of all bacteria and airborne allergens that could hurt the health of your patients. Our routine maintenance plan helps you keep the cleanest air possible while also keeping your overall costs low.


Clean air in restaurants is incredibly important in order to maintain a clean and safe eating space for your patrons. We offer air conditioning equipment that uses ultra violet lights alongside the latest conditioning technology to eliminate food odors, bacteria and allergens from the air. This provides a more pleasant experience for your patrons, ensuring that they will return in the future.

Call Benfatti A/C For An Appointment

There are so many reasons to have your commercial space equipped with the best functioning air conditioning equipment that we offer. Comfort, cleanliness and reduced energy costs are all important aspects of running a business as well as important aspects of a good air conditioning unit.

At Benfatti we understand your needs as well as the latest technology in the industry. Our fully stocked trucks and expert technicians are ready to service your units at any time, whether it’s for maintenance or an emergency. Give us a call today for commercial HVAC service in our service area including Slidell, Mandeville, Covington & metro New Orleans.