Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Covington, LA

Benfatti Air Conditioning and Heating has been helping homeowners in Covington, Louisiana and its surrounding areas stay comfortable year ‘round for three decades. During this time, we’ve learned a lot about how to best service home air conditioners and heaters for our area’s unique climate.

We know that when most people think of Louisiana, they think of heat, humidity and air conditioners running 24/7. But the truth is Southeastern Louisiana experiences its share of cold snaps, too. This means homeowners in Covington, Louisiana need a trusted heating and air contractor to take care of their family’s comfort needs for all four seasons of the year. We’ve been proud to be that partner for so many local families for thirty years.

What makes us different from other air conditioning and heating companies you may see driving around town or recommended by your neighbors on your neighborhood Facebook page? At Benfatti, we stand firmly on our long history of providing excellent customer service, as well as our undying commitment to deliver total comfort to our customers - guaranteed!

Same Day Service. Seven Days a Week

We Deliver Total Comfort To Our Customers Guaranteed!

We’ve been around long enough to know that Covington homeowners don’t just experience heating and air issues Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. We also know that with how hot it gets in our area, and how low temps can dip during cold snaps, most homeowners just can’t wait for the evening or weekend to be over to get their home’s air conditioner or heater serviced when it isn’t functioning properly or has died completely.

As part of our promise to deliver our customers total comfort, we make ourselves available 24/7, whenever you need us. Whether you need our assistance while the Saints are playing, it’s late at night, or it’s a three-day weekend, you can trust that we’ll be there for you.

Providing Preventative Maintenance to Keep Your Home’s AC and Heater Running Longer

The best thing Covington homeowners can do to extend the lives of their homes’ heaters and air conditioners is to maintain them regularly. On a DIY basis, that means you need to change your air filter every month. Our part is to visit you at the end of every winter to service your AC, and the end of every summer to check on and provide maintenance to your heater.

By scheduling regular maintenance, we’re able to do things like top off fluid levels, confirm the system is functioning properly, and diagnose any issues before they become more expensive problems or heating and air emergencies. After all, if your AC’s fan is about to give out, wouldn’t you rather find out and repair the issue at the end of February, instead of having your AC stop cooling your home in the middle of August?

Repairing Issues as they Occur

We know that for Covington families, repairing your AC or heater when it breaks down is extremely important. After all, we do live in Louisiana where you can’t exactly open up a window to let the cool breeze in during the summer!

Whenever you’ve got a heating or air emergency, we’re here to deliver total comfort to you. Whether you’ve worked with us before and are a long standing customer, or the company you normally work with doesn’t offer 24/7 service, we’re happy to come out immediately to repair your AC or heater and prove our difference and commitment to customer service to you.

Installing New ACs and Heaters to Meet Your Family’s Ever-Changing Needs

Sometimes, installing a new AC or heater in a Covington home is an emergency because the existing system has gone out for good. Other times, homeowners plan to upgrade their systems to newer, more modern and energy efficient models that can also cut electricity bills.

Whatever your reason for wanting a new AC or heater installed, we have a variety of products we regularly install that we’re happy to explain to you.

Same Day Service. Seven Days a Week

We Deliver Total Comfort To Our Customers Guaranteed!

AC Installation Options for Covington Homeowners

When it comes to installing home ACs, we have a variety of options from which you can choose.

As TRANE Comfort Specialists, we exclusively install TRANE AC systems into Covington homes. Your choices include traditional ACs as well as variable speed air conditioners. The latter differ because the speed of their fans automatically adjust depending on how hard the system needs to work to deliver your desired temperature of air.

Heating Installation Options for Local Families

While we may mostly rely on our AC’s in Covington, we need our heating systems in Southeastern Louisiana, too! At Benfatti, we install TRANE furnaces and heat pumps. Heat pumps are newer, more energy efficient solutions to heating homes. Rather than heating up air, they work by moving hot air from inside to outside, or reverse.

In the winter, heat pumps take all the heat from outside and push it inside to keep your family warm and toasty. During the summer, this process reverses and the system pushes all the hot air inside your home outside where it belongs.

Heat pumps are a ductless system, so they're very popular among Covington homeowners who have built an addition onto their homes, have a room that doesn’t cool or heat to the desired temperature with their existing AC or heater and needs a little help, or have out buildings such as workshops, man caves, and she sheds.

Modernizing Your Heating and Cooling System with a WiFi Thermostat

Many homeowners in Covington and surrounding areas contact us because they’re interested in getting a WiFi thermostat, but they don’t know where to start. Luckily, we’ve got all the knowledge these customers need!

More than just cool gadgets you see at your local hardware store, WiFi thermostats are revolutionizing the way homeowners cool and heat their homes. With a WiFi thermostat, you can:

  • Remotely decide when your AC or heater turns on, and at what temp from an app on your smartphone (you can remotely turn the system off, too)
  • Program your home’s thermostat to deliver air at a specified temperature at any time periods you desire
  • Override the programmed system on the fly so you can blast the AC, for example, if you’re leaving work early so you can come home to a cooled home, even if you’re arriving at a time when the air conditioner is normally turned off

These features both keep you comfortable 24/7 and help you reduce your electricity bill by only using air conditioning and heating when you want to.

Traditional and Tankless Water Heaters

We know that your home’s air isn’t the only thing you need to temperature control. It’s just as important that you’re able to provide your family with hot water, too! To meet your needs, we install and maintain both traditional and tankless water heaters.

Same Day Service. Seven Days a Week

We Deliver Total Comfort To Our Customers Guaranteed!

Dehumidifiers - A Must-Have in the South!

If you’ve lived in Louisiana for at least five minutes, you know it’s really, really humid. A special system that we install that other heating and air specialists don’t is a dehumidifier. Designed to take the humidity out of a specific room in your house or your entire home, dehumidifiers can:

  • Help reduce allergies that your family members may experience
  • Reduce the chances that mold will grow in your home
  • Get rid of a musty smell you might have between your four walls
  • Provide additional benefits such as helping your clothes dry faster, prevent electronics from corroding, and even keep your bread fresher for longer

Installing Antimicrobial Ductwork to Keep Your Family Allergen Free

Our home AC and heating systems rely on a complicated maze of ductwork to deliver cooled or heated air. Just like any part of your house, these ducts eventually get dirty from the normal dirt that comes into your house, and being filled with pet dander if you own furry friends.

In some cases, microbial growth can occur in a home’s ductwork, which can make your family members sick. Those at the highest risk for sickness include infants, elderly family members, and anyone with a compromised immune system.

To fight off these potential allergens, Benfatti helps local homeowners by installing antimicrobial ductwork. Called AmgFlex™, this unique product helps to prevent mold and fungus growth inside your home’s ductwork.

Whether you have family members with seasonal allergies or who regularly get sick, it’s worth your while to get a quote on having antimicrobial ductwork installed in your home.

Special Financing Available on New Installations for Qualifying Customers

Here at Benfatti, we know you need to keep your family comfortable. But sometimes, doing so takes quite a hit to your bank account. To help, we offer special financing on new installations, including 0% interest for up to five years for local homeowners who qualify.

We’re Here to Answer Your Heating and Air Questions

Whether you’d like a quote on installing one of the products we’ve listed above, need regular maintenance or an emergency call, or have general questions about the upkeep of your home’s heating and air systems, we’re happy to help. Simply call our Northshore offices today at (985) 646-0540 and let us know your need. Remember, our promise to you is to deliver total comfort - guaranteed!

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