Get Your AC Ready for a Hot Louisiana Summer

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My, what a crazy Louisiana winter we’ve had!

With temperatures literally dropping below freezing level multiple times, and days of snow and ice here in the deep South, our heating & cooling units have really been working on overdrive this season.

And before you know it, summer will be here and instead of trying to stay warm and toasty in your house, you’ll be trying to beat the Southern Louisiana heat and humidity by blasting your AC.

In fact, in the past week or so we’ve already seen a 20 degree fahrenheit jump in temperatures here on the Northshore and Southshore!

You may not be aware, but every year in the early spring, it is recommended that homeowners have their A/C units serviced.

It’s important that A/C units are inspected by trained professionals every year so they can be cleaned, and so that a certified professional can check that much needed freon level to ensure your AC unit can blast your desired temperature when the time comes.

But, when you’ve had seasons like we’ve had at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, servicing your A/C unit becomes even more important than ever. Since many A/C units have been working on overdrive this season with our rapid temperature swings, it is possible that your AC unit has taken a beating this year.

In fact, we know someone with a less than 1 year old new HVAC system who’s AC unit already had a freon leak in February – that’s how much these temperature swings can affect HVAC units! 

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

We’ve all heard to old adages that it’s better to take care of little problems before they snowball into bigger ones. The same couldn’t be more true for caring for your A/C unit.

If you have a minor issue with your air conditioner right now due to the fluctuations in temperatures we’ve experienced here in Southern Louisiana this season, an early inspection and diagnostic testing can help you fix the problem quickly and more affordably.

But, if you don’t get your A/C unit inspected before the Louisiana heat and humidity roll in, that formerly small problem might turn into a big one, one that could even make your AC unit unusable for a few days while you wait for maintenance, or require an entire system replacement!

Who wants that? 

Don’t Worry, We’re Here to Help 

As trained HVAC specialists who have serviced the Northshore and Southshore since 1989, we’ve seen it all. And we’re here to help you make sure that your air conditioner is up and running properly, and ready to blast out your desired temperature once it gets too hot or stuffy inside your home.

If you haven’t yet had your air conditioner inspected for 2018, then early spring is the ideal time to do so. It gives us plenty of time to check your freon levels, clean your outdoor unit and diagnose and treat any problems before we’re backed up with calls this summer of broken AC units that need to be fixed yesterday.

To have your AC unit inspected, cleaned and treated before any minor problems become big ones, give us a call to schedule an appointment. We can be reached at (985) 646-0540 on the Northshore and (504) 241-3135 on the Southshore.