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Air Purification: Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Now, more than ever, the air quality in your home is so important. In addition to potential viruses, including the flu, which is still in wide circulation, allergies are in full bloom. Anyone with respiratory issues and/or weak immune systems would benefit from a Fresh Aire whole-house UV light air purifier.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Get room by room temperature control with a Mitsubishi Electric-Trane ductless HVAC mini-split system from Benfatti Air Conditioning. Perfect for a sun room, garage, a bonus room or any room with a cold or hot spot. Control the temp in any room.

Ductless mini-splits do more than simply deliver heated and cooled air to spaces that central air can’t reach. Here are some of the top benefits Louisiana homeowners enjoy when they choose to install a ductless mini-split from TRANE/Mitsubishi:

  • Energy bill savings – since TRANE/Mitsubishi ductless mini-splits only work when they need to, they aren’t constantly running in the background and raising your electricity usage
  • Amazing energy efficiency, with very high SEER ratings reaching up to 33.1
  • Heating and air without noisy distractions – these solutions are quieter than a human whisper
  • Improved indoor air quality and reduced exposure to dust and allergens
  • Easy installation, which means Benfatti can install a ductless mini-split into your home quickly and pass on our labor savings to you
  • Ability to control multiple zones in your home with a single solution

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