How to Save Money on Summer Air Conditioning Bills This Year

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Unless you’re planning a summer-long vacation from your North Shore or South Shore home this year, you can expect to be blasting your home’s air conditioner 24/7 when the temperatures soar.

This, of course, often leads to skyrocketing electricity bills that even the level billing payment system can’t save you from. But there is hope for North Shore and South Shore homeowners who want to beat the heat!

Here’s how to keep your air conditioning system kicking out ice cold air all season long – and still save money on bills.

Change Your Air Filters Every Month

Hands down the easiest way to keep your HVAC system running in peak condition (and for a long time to come) is to change your air filters every month.

Dusty, dirty filters reduce air flow to your system, making it work harder to move and cool air.

This reduces efficiency, uses more energy, and eventually can affect your whole HVAC system’s lifespan.

Get a Spring Cleaning of Your A/C System Now

Another great way to make sure your air conditioning isn’t overworking driving up your energy costs this summer is to schedule a spring service before you need to start pumping in cooled air all day and night.

Right now is the optimal time to schedule a seasonal service!

During this appointment our technician will clean the outside components of your A/C system, top off freon levels, and inspect the whole A/C system to see if there’s any underlying issue that might decrease efficiency or even worse, potentially cause your air conditioner to break when you need it most.

Scheduling a service now means you can rest assured that your system is in top shape to take on summer heat and humidity.

If You Think Your A/C System is About to Go Kaput, Take Advantage of our Special Financing Options

Think back to the end of last summer. Was your air conditioner struggling to keep your family cool? Were you living in fear that it might just give up before the end of the sweltering season?

How many repairs has your system had recently?

If you know your HVAC system is on its last leg, consider investing in a newer, more energy efficient system, like the Trane air conditioning systems we offer Northshore and Metro New Orleans residents.

And to make the switch to a new A/C as affordable as possible, we’re currently offering special 0% interest for 5 years financing options for local homeowners who qualify.

Contact Us Today for More Tips to Save on Your Bills

As a trusted A/C and heating company on the North Shore and in Metro New Orleans since 1989, we’ve built a reputation amongst locals of doing everything it takes to deliver our customers with optimal comfort, all year long.

We know you need to stay comfortable this summer inside your home, especially if you have little ones or elderly family members living with you, but that all too often, keeping your family cool and comfortable results in a huge hit to your wallet.

We don’t want that to happen!

Whether you need to schedule an annual cleaning or want your current A/C system upgraded to a more energy efficient model with amazing financing terms, we’re here to help you with your unique HVAC needs.

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