Is Changing Weather Making Your Family Sick?

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It’s that time of year again on the Northshore and Metro New Orleans…

Temperatures are all over the place, and Southeastern Louisianians are wearing sweaters and jackets one day and shorts the next.

Healthy Family

 Winter is not quite done yet, but Spring isn’t really here either. That means you may be running your heater one day and you’re A/C the next!

But are you noticing that while the temperatures inside are comfortable, everyone inside seems to be getting sick over and over this year?

Sure, it’s cold and flu season, but could there be another cause for the constant trips to the doctor, pediatrician, and urgent care centers?

Staying Cozy Indoors May be Making Your Family Sick

It makes sense that you want to stay in when the weather isn’t great. Whether it’s too cold, rainy, or humid… No matter the yuck factor, you want to stay inside and use your HVAC system to stay comfortable.

It’s not just cold and flu season that makes adults and kids alike get sick.

Being shut up in home, especially with dust circulating from the heater or A/C being on all day can circulate dust, germs and allergens, making your family feel miserable.

This is why changing your air filters regularly and having your ducts inspected is so important not just for the health of your HVAC system, but for your family!

Do You Need a Home Heating and Air Duct Inspection?

If your doctor tells you that you have strep throat, the flu, or allergies, you should take your medicine.

But you should also look at the environmental factors in your home that could help prevent you and your family from falling ill in the first place.

At Benfatti, we’ve been helping Northshore and Metro New Orleans homeowners stay comfortable in their homes year ‘round since 1989. And we know that when you’re using your heater or A/C all the time, it’s time to make sure you’re changing your air filters monthly, and if necessary, getting your air ducts cleaned.

Changing your air filters monthly is a relatively easy chore that many Northshore and Metro New Orleans homeowners forget to do.

But it really isn’t too difficult.

Just set a date in your calendar to pick up new air filters from your local hardware store, or order online.

Air duct cleaning, however, isn’t a DIY project.

This process requires the professional experience of heating and cooling experts like the ones at Benfatti to inspect your air ducts for dust, pet dander, and other allergens, clean them, or if they’re too dirty, replace them altogether.

Air duct inspections and cleaning is an important annual home maintenance task, but one that many Northshore and Metro New Orleans residents skip. And as a result, they and their families keep getting sick from all the dust, germs and allergens circulating through their air ducts.

Steps to Take if You and Your Family are Constantly Sick During the Winter

Aside from seeking medical treatment, here are the home environmental steps you should take if you and your family don’t have compromised immune systems but keep coming down with the cold and flu months:

  • Change all air filters in your house every month.
  • Call Benfatti for an air duct inspection, which can take place anywhere on the Northshore or Metro New Orleans.
  • If necessary, get your air ducts cleaned, or even replaced to keep your family healthier.

Ask Us Your Heating Questions Today

Whether you think your heating system or dirty air ducts are making your family sick, or you have another question about your home’s heating system, we’re always here to help.

We can be reached on the Northshore at (985) 646-0540 or in Metro New Orleans at (504) 241-3135.