Liquid Cooled Generators Have More Horsepower

Liquid Cooled Generators Have More Horsepower

For Slidell, Mandeville, Covington & Metro New Orleans

If there’s one device you know you need in Southeast Louisiana, it’s a generator. Being prone to hurricanes and their associated lengthy power outages, a whole house generator can help keep your home cool by running the air conditioner, keeping your refrigerator cool, allowing you to use the oven and continue to use all your personal electronics.

Liquid cooled generators are becoming increasingly popular because they have a lot more horsepower and remain running for a longer period of time than an air cooled generator.

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Liquid Cooled Generators Have More Horsepower 

What is a Liquid Cooled Generator?

Unlike air cooled generators, which use engines and fans in order to keep your home cool while the power is out for an extended period of time, liquid cooled generators have enclosed radiator systems. With a cooling system similar to those found in many automobiles, liquid generators produce more power than their air cooled alternatives.

There are several benefits of installing a liquid cooled generator in your home, including:

  • More Power

Most liquid cooled generators produce between 25 to 60 kilowatt hours of power, compared to the air cooled alternatives that only produce on average between 8 and 20 kilowatt hours. Because liquid cooled generators produce more power, they can keep your home cooler during extended power outages, and even power other necessary appliances, too.

  • Better for Larger Homes

If you have a larger than average home, then you definitely want to consider a liquid cooled generator over an air cooled one. This is because your larger home needs more energy to keep it cool, and liquid cooled power generators produce just that!

  • A Quieter Alternative

Let’s just be honest, air cooled generators can be quite loud, and nobody wants to deal with all that excess noise, especially during an extended power outage. Alternatively, liquid cooled generators tend to produce less noise, allowing you to relax a little more easily after a hurricane or large storm. 

Maintenance Requirements for Liquid Cooled Generators

While liquid cooled generators do offer several benefits over air cooled generators, they do require a little more maintenance. This is because the cooling process of liquid cooled generators is more complex. Because of this, liquid cooled generators typically include maintenance kits for their owners to utilize, as well as instructions on how often the liquid cooled generator needs to be serviced. 

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