Air Conditioning & Heating Services in New Orleans, Louisiana

Benfatti Air Conditioning and Heating has been helping homeowners in the Big Easy for 30 years. By providing same day service, seven days a week, our trained comfort specialists are able to fulfill their promise to New Orleans homeowners of delivering total comfort to our customers, guaranteed!

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Whether you need help maintaining your New Orleans home’s air conditioner or heater for the season, you’re experiencing an outage, or you’re interested in upgrading your system, you’ve made the right choice by coming to Benfatii. We’ve been helping homeowners just like you since 1989!

When it comes to working with New Orleans homeowners on their air conditioning and heating needs, we offer:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Service and repairs
  • New installations with special financing
  • WiFi thermostat installations

Keep reading to learn more about each of these product and service offerings.

Providing Regular Maintenance on Your Home’s Air Conditioner and Heater

You wouldn’t expect your car to go over 100,000 miles if you never took it in for an oil change or tune up, would you? The same logic applies to your home’s air conditioner and heater. While both systems are designed to last over a decade, they require regular cleaning and maintenance to provide that length of performance, and work optimally every time you turn them on.

The first step to proper maintenance is to change your air filter every month (larger homes may have two or more air filters). Doing so can be as easy as picking up the correct size of air filter at your local hardware store one weekend a month, or signing up for monthly delivery of air filters on a website like Filterbuy or Second Nature.

While changing your air filter every month is a great first step at maintaining your New Orleans home’s air conditioner and heater, you need more maintenance than what you can do yourself. At Benfatti, we recommend all our customers get biannual maintenance - once at the end of winter to check on your air conditioner, and again at the end of summer to check on your heater.

By scheduling maintenance appointments for these systems before you’ll need to use them, we’re able to inspect them, clean them, top off fluid levels, and determine if there are any problems with them that may cause them to go out when you need them working the hardest.

Same Day Service. Seven Days a Week

We Deliver Total Comfort To Our Customers Guaranteed!

Servicing and Repairing Your Home AC and Heater with Same Day Service, Seven Days a Week

While regular maintenance can prevent your AC and heater from breaking, sometimes they just go kaput. We understand this, and that’s why our heating and air specialists are trained to service and repair any make or model of a home’s AC or heater, including modern solutions like variable speed air conditioners and heat pumps.

Unlike other heating and air providers in New Orleans, we provide same day service, seven days a week. This means we’ll come out to help you on the weekend when you have a heating or air emergency, even if that means we miss a crawfish boil, Mardi Gras parade, or Saints game. Yours and your family’s comfort comes first!

Installing New, Cost Effective Air Conditioners and Heaters

Whether you’ve received a bonus or tax refund and want to upgrade your home’s AC or heater, or your system has completely died and you have no option but to replace it, we’ve got you covered.

At Benfatti, we’re certified TRANE Comfort Specialists and only install top-of-the-line air conditioners and heaters manufactured by TRANE. We’ve chosen to exclusively install systems from this manufacturer because of their excellent reputation in the air conditioning and heating industry for creating products that work well, last long, and are cost effective and energy efficient for homeowners.

We know that when your air conditioner or heater suddenly and surprisingly needs to be replaced, it can take a big hit to your wallet. That’s why we offer qualifying New Orleans homeowners 0% financing for up to 5 years on select TRANE models.

Modernizing Your Home with WiFi Thermostats

New Orleans, which the tech industry has nicknamed Silicon Bayou, is a place where residents and homeowners have their fingers on the pulse of what’s new in technology. Many homeowners just like you are upgrading their homes to be smart homes. One way you can benefit from new technology for homeowners is to install a WiFi thermostat, which allows you to:

  • Pre-program your home’s AC or heater to turn on only at desired times, such as 30 minutes before you’re expected to arrive home after work so your AC or heater isn’t running all day long when nobody’s home
  • Override pre-settings with the tap of a finger using an app on your smartphone so you can turn on the AC or heater remotely if you’ll be home at a time you weren’t originally expecting
  • Monitor your home’s monthly AC and heating usage to look for trends so you can better pre-program in the future, thus minimizing electricity usage and associated costs when nobody’s home

There are a wide variety of WiFi thermostats on the market. Our specialists will determine which solution is best for your family depending on your technology needs and any other technology you may already be using in your home. Some WiFi thermostats fit into existing technology ecosystems better than others.

Assisting With Additional Needs for Your New Orleans Home

To help streamline the maintenance of your home, Benfatti offers additional services and products related to home heating and cooling. These include:

  • Working to improve your home’s indoor air quality by installing antimicrobial ductwork, which is great for keeping your home’s air clean, especially if you have a newborn or elderly family member, or a family member with allergies or a compromised immune system
  • Installing water heaters in New Orleans homes, including tankless water heaters that heat up your water immediately so you’ll never experience a cold shower ever again (unless you want to!)
  • Adding a generator to your home so that you have electricity even when the power’s off, such as during a hurricane
  • Installing a dehumidifier in your home, which can make your family more comfortable in the summer as well as reduce allergens and the risk that mold will grow in your house

Service You Can Trust

We’ve been operating in the Mandeville area for 30 years. And you know, there’s no way we would have made a name for ourselves on the Northshore and have acquired so many loyal, repeat customers if we didn’t put your comfort first. Our experience and duration in the area speaks for itself. If you need a heating or air specialist for your home, you can trust Benfatti.

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