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Keeping energy costs low and room temperatures comfortable is made possible by more than just an efficient air conditioning system. At Benfatti, we know this and so we offer other services to help you achieve the most efficient and comfortable home possible.

Here are additional services that we offer that help compliment your air conditioning system:

Solar Attic Fans

What are they?

Solar attic fans are exterior mounted fans that ventilate the attic space in homes and buildings. The fan facilitates air circulation so that the attic space never gets too hot or too damp during the harshest points of the seasons. The exterior of the solar fan is covered in solar panels so that the sun powers the device, making it an energy efficient addition to your overall air conditioning system.


By circulating the air, the solar attic fan is able to better regulate the temperature and moisture levels in your attic. The regulated temperature means that your air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard to condition the air in your home. The reduced moisture also means that you are preventing potential mold and decay from taking hold in your attic, another major benefit of having solar attic fans.

Hot Water Heater Inspections

What are they?

Your water heater is responsible for heating the water for your household. There are many working components to the water heater and so there are many opportunities for things to stop working. A hot water heater inspection will include the process of checking for leaks, damages, sediment buildup and tank issues.


By having your hot water heater inspected regularly, you are preventing any loss of hot water in your home. An inspection will also increase the safety of your hot water heater by checking for and preventing any gas leaks. The technician will inspect the temperature pressure relief valve as a safety precaution as it is an important part of keeping the hot water heater from overheating. By ensuring that everything is working properly you will also be able to lower your utility bills since your water heater will not have to work as hard to heat the water.

Attic Tents

What are they?

The attic tent is an easy solution to an insulation problem. It is designed to sit over the attic entrance where insulation would otherwise be missing. It is sealed with a durable zipper and is easily installed and removed. The attic tents come in a variety of sizes so that they can accommodate any attic entrance.


These nifty insulators can actually save you a lot of money. Your attic is an enormous empty space that can suck up your heated or cooled air through leaks on the attic floor. Insulation and caulking can help minimize leaking but you’re still left with the entrance as the biggest leak of all. While a foam trim can help reduce excessive leaking, it simply cannot sufficiently insulate the entrance. An attic tent will properly insulate the entrance, thus aiding your air conditioning system to work more efficiently.

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Benfatti is dedicated to servicing the homes in our area far beyond the air conditioning unit. We understand that your air conditioning equipment is greatly affected by other areas of your home. Because the efficiency at which your equipment is running is very important, we also work to repair anything that may compromise its efficiency.

If you’re concerned that your attic or hot water heater is posing a risk to your safety or increasing your energy bill, contact us today. We would be happy to inspect your home and show you where you could be saving money.