Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance & Repair

Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance & Repair

For Slidell, Mandeville, Covington & Metro New Orleans

Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance & Repair

Is your A/C system completely shut down, or is it making noises or blowing hot air?

Don’t sweat in the heat! Call us for same day service!

Benfatti Air Conditioning & Heating provides air conditioning & heating repairs & maintenance throughout our service area including Slidell, Mandeville, Covington & metro New Orleans.

Same Day Service for Repair & Maintenance

We service ALL major brands, makes and models of AC & heating equipment! Call today to schedule a service visit.

Our Service Programs Include:

Maintenance Programs

Our Maintenance Agreement Programs help keep your system running efficiently for longer. Our technicians are trained on all types of residential and commercial units and come with the trusted expertise of Benfatti. Our experts are fully equipped to replace dirty filters and correct clogged coils. With regular maintenance services we also ensure speedy repair when needed.

Filter Maintenance

When a filter is dirty or clogged it pushes dirty air through to the evaporator coils, thus reducing their heat-absorption capacity. This can cause your coils to work less efficiently, leaving you with air that is not only dirty but also no cooler than before, either. If filters remain dirty or clogged then your entire unit can be compromised and your energy costs increased significantly.

Service & Repair

We understand the urgency of a faulty air conditioner and we are prepared for quick service repairs. Our fully stocked trucks and team of experts are ready to service your air conditioning unit on-site during a maintenance visit, if needed.

Replacement Systems

Sometimes things can break down even with the best of maintenance. Our industry-trained technicians can determine necessary replacements for all types of residential and commercial units and most often can make the replacement on-site during the visit.

Why A/C Maintenance and Repair are Important

If your system isn’t functional, you know you need immediate repairs. However, we encourage you not to put off regular maintenance as trying to save a few bucks now could cost you thousands later.

Preventative maintenance can keep your energy costs low and your home more comfortable. By maintaining optimal functioning you are helping yourself in the long run in the following ways:

Ensure your system operates efficiently

After daily use, different parts of the system can become dirty or clogged. The air filter, for example, can become burdened with dust causing the unit to work harder and for longer hours. By regularly maintaining these parts you are supporting the unit in working more efficiently.

Save money on electricity

Dirty filters and coils can exhaust your unit and pull more energy as it works harder to condition the air each day. By maintaining optimal efficiency your unit will use less electricity, thus keeping your monthly bill lower than if your unit were not properly maintained.

Save money by catching problems early

Regular maintenance ensures that all of the different working parts of the unit are not compromised by overuse or clogging. If not maintained then these parts can break down and turn into costly repairs.

Extend the life of your unit

When everything is functioning as it should be, your unit is going to continue in the same fashion and function as it should for a longer period of time. The longer that you keep problems away, the longer your unit can work efficiently.

Health Risks

The purpose of your air conditioning unit is to condition the air in your home or building. This helps remove toxins and allergens that can cause health risks if not otherwise removed. By maintaining clean filters and coils you are eliminating these health risks more efficiently.

Service You Can Trust

Benfatti has been serving our community since 1989, proving that we are a trusted company that understands the needs of our south Louisiana service area. We are experienced, licensed and insured. Our technicians participate in continuing education and are certified experts in all types of air conditioning units. Our trucks are fully stocked so that our technicians are prepared to make on-site repairs and provide emergency maintenance if needed.

For more information or to schedule an AC or heating maintenance or repair visit anywhere in Mandeville, Covington, Slidell or metro New Orleans, contact us today!