Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Slidell, Louisiana

For 30 years, homeowners in Slidell and its surrounding areas on the Northshore have been trusting Benfatti Air Conditioning and Heating to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature all year long. Whether you’re new to Slidell and are looking for a home AC and heating company to maintain your home’s systems for years to come, or you’re a longtime resident with a heating or air emergency, our trained service technicians are here to deliver total comfort to you with same day service, seven days a week.

Helping You Maintain Your Home’s AC and Heater to Extend Their Lifespans

Your Slidell home’s air conditioner and heater are among the most important appliances in your house. Whether the temperatures outside are too hot or too cold, these important systems kick in when you need them to keep your home’s interior temperature just right.

With proper annual maintenance, your home’s air conditioner and heater can last for well over a decade. To get the most mileage out of your current systems, it’s important you take proper care of them every season. From a DIY perspective, this means you need to change your air filters every month. You can pick up an appropriately sized air filter from your local hardware store, or sign up for a monthly service to have one shipped directly to you from websites like FilterBuy and Second Nature.

Changing your air filters monthly, however, will only do so much. We encourage all our Slidell homeowners to have maintenance performed on their home’s AC and heating systems twice a year - once to service the AC towards the end of winter, and once to service the heater towards the end of summer. By scheduling these important maintenance appointments before you need to turn on your home’s AC or heater for the season, we’ll be able to inspect the systems to ensure they’re running properly, clean them, top off fluid levels, and diagnose any issues that need repairing before they become heating or air emergencies in the midst of a heatwave or cold snap.

Fixing Your Home’s Air Conditioner or Heater Whenever You Need Help

Since we’ve been in business in Slidell since 1989, we know that air conditioners and heaters don’t just go out on business days. In fact, Murphy’s Law all but guarantees you’ll be experiencing issues in the middle of the 3-day weekend, when you have out of town family members visiting who aren’t used to our weather, or when you’re hosting a party or special event.

Our commitment to our customers is to deliver total comfort - guaranteed. To make good on that promise, we offer our clients same day service, seven days a week. We never want to leave you out in the cold, or inside a sweltering home. We keep working all day, every day, even when our competitors are kicking up their feet for the weekend or evening.

Installing the Best Home ACs from TRANE

When it comes time to installing a new air conditioner in your Slidell home, we know you want to pick a solution that will last for many years to come. To provide you with the best of the best, we exclusively install air conditioners manufactured by TRANE. As certified TRANE Comfort Specialists, our team is able to evaluate your cooling needs and match you with the most cost effective solution from TRANE to keep your family comfortable without breaking the bank. We even offer 0% financing for up to 5 years on select TRANE air conditioners for qualifying homeowners.

Same Day Service. Seven Days a Week

We Deliver Total Comfort To Our Customers Guaranteed!

The Best Heating Systems for Southeastern Louisiana's Cold Snaps

The rest of the country may think we live in heat and humidity 24/7/365, but everyone in Slidell knows that our temperatures can take a dramatic dip in the winter, making us feel as though we’ve been transported up North. To keep your family warm and cozy when our cold snaps hit, we offer a variety of heating installation options for your Northshore home. From traditional furnaces that heat up your home, to modern day heat pumps that transfer heat from outdoors to indoors, whatever your need, we’ve got you covered.

Installing WiFi Thermostats to Make Your Home a Smart Home

More and more Slidell homeowners are making their homes smart homes. From an AC and heating standpoint, this means installing a smart WiFi thermostat to program your air conditioner or heater to only work during specified time periods, then override those settings on the fly using an app on your smartphone.

There are a variety of WiFi thermostats to choose from. You may see some available at your favorite hardware store, but be curious which one is right for you. At Benfatti, our heating and air specialists are trained to evaluate your home and, based on any other technology you may already be using in your house, determine the best WiFi thermostat make and model for your family. We even teach you how to use them, so you don’t have to read through complicated training manuals yourself.

Offering Additional Home Products and Services to Keep Your Family Comfortable

While our main focus at Benfatti is keeping your Slidell home’s air conditioner and heater functioning properly, we offer additional products and services to help with your overall household needs. These include:

  • Generators to kick on power when we experience extended power outages, such as during hurricane season
  • Air quality services including the installation of antimicrobial ductwork to keep the most sensitive members of your family happy and healthy all year long
  • Water heaters, including tankless water heaters, to heat up the temperature of the water flowing through your home’s pipes
  • Dehumidifiers to keep the inside of your home more comfortable during the summer, as well as reduce exposure to allergens and the risk of mold growing in your house

Service You Can Trust

We’ve been operating in the Mandeville area for 30 years. And you know, there’s no way we would have made a name for ourselves on the Northshore and have acquired so many loyal, repeat customers if we didn’t put your comfort first. Our experience and duration in the area speaks for itself. If you need a heating or air specialist for your home, you can trust Benfatti.

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