Spring Allergy Season is Here in Metro New Orleans

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Mardi Gras is over. The freezes and snow are over (hopefully). And just like that, there’s green grass and tree buds sprouting everywhere!.

Spring is here all across metro New Orleans!

But along with the change of seasons, comes additional spring allergies! And according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, in 2015, 8.2% of adults and 8.4% of children were diagnosed with hay fever as a result of spring allergies.

Additionally, the website states that among the most popular spring allergens are trees, grass and weed pollen and mold spores – all of which we can find here in Southern Louisiana.

allergy season

You may think that since these popular allergens exist outside, they won’t enter your home.

Think again.

Every time you open your front or back door, open a window, or even step inside your home with allergen-ridden clothes, you negatively impact the indoor air quality of your home.

It’s quite a sobering thought for those of us who suffer from spring allergies, isn’t it?

Don’t Give Up Hope – We Can Help You Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

If you’re feeling kind of hopeless right now and like you’ll never be able to stop sneezing or having sinus infections or itchy eyes, think again. HVAC specialists like us are experts in improving indoor air quality, allowing you to breathe easier when you’re inside your home.

There are several things you can do to protect and improve the indoor air quality of your home, including:

  • Filtration of the Home

Your HVAC system’s air filters are designed to trap all the dirt, dust, allergens and pet dander that circulate throughout your home. While many people know you’re supposed to change your air filters monthly, a lot of people forget or put off this very important air conditioning maintenance task. Changing your air filters monthly will enable your air filters to better work for you, and trap allergens so they don’t circulate around your home.

  • Keeping Air Ducts Clean

Even though air filters are meant to trap all the bad stuff that circulates in your home, these allergens still commonly find their way into your air ducts. By having regular professional air duct cleaning, you can ensure that you and your family members are breathing in cleaner, more allergy-free air throughout the high allergy season of spring.

  • Sealing Your Home to Keep Allergens Out

One of the most common ways that outdoor allergens find their ways indoors are by improperly sealed doors and windows. Make sure that all doors and windows to your home are properly sealed so you can keep those icky allergens outside where they belong! 

  • Consider a Room Air Filter

If you have a member of your family who is particularly prone to spring allergies, you may want to consider getting an in room air filter for rooms they commonly frequent, such as their bedroom. While these units do have their limitations – they capture airborne allergens, but nothing left in carpets and rugs – they can help your loved one breathe a little easier.

Call Us For Help

If you or a loved one in your family is prone to seasonal allergies, we know you don’t want to see them suffer this spring.

And we don’t want them to, either!

That’s why we offer free consultations on indoor air quality inspections of your home. To schedule an appointment with us, call (985) 646-0540 on the Northshore or (504) 241-3135 on the Southshore.