Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation

For Slidell, Mandeville, Covington & Metro New Orleans 

Are you building a home and need a water heating system? Or, is your existing heating system breaking down and you need repairs – or a replacement?

Don’t worry – Benfatti is here to help. Located in Slidell and Mandeville in St. Tammany Parish, we serve the Northshore and greater New Orleans and Metairie areas. We help both private homeowners and small business with their water heating and HVAC needs.

Water Heater Installation

Benfatti Air Conditioning and Heating provides professional installation, repair and maintenance for water heaters throughout Slidell, Mandeville, Covington and all of metro New Orleans.

No matter when you need us, we’re here with same day service, seven days a week! 

Your Northshore water heater installer

If you are installing or upgrading your water system for the first time, we can work with you on deciding which system works best for your home or business.

There are multiple types of water heaters, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The two most common modern water heaters are a conventional tank heater, which heats water for the entire home from a single source; and tankless water heaters, which heat water at multiple points in the home close to each water source. 

Conventional tank heater 


Older, non-renovated homes most often use a conventional tank water heater for the home’s hot water needs. Natural gas tank water heaters are generally energy efficient, supplying a home or small business with reliably hot water. You need to only worry about maintaining one tank system instead of many such as with tankless water heaters. 


In the long run, conventional tank heaters are less energy-efficient compared with tankless water heaters.

Most conventional tank water heaters last less than a decade, even with regular quality maintenance – and are not inexpensive to replace.

Also, and perhaps most irritating, if you have a lot of people needing hot water in your home or building, it is easy to run out of hot water before the tank can replenish. 

Tankless Water Heaters 


Tankless water heaters are the best compliment for your modern, environmentally friendly home. These heaters heat on-demand, meaning you aren’t storing and maintaining the heat of a single large tank of water.

If you have a lot of people in the building using hot water, this is a huge benefit because you’ll never run out of hot water as long as your water tanks are working. 


Tankless water heaters have different maintenance requirements than conventional tank heaters, such as needing to be descaled at least once a year to remain fully effective.

They also have a higher initial cost price, which will increase the larger your building and the more water sources you need to heat.

Older buildings with less modern gas lines may also need to retrofit new larger lines to work with the latest tankless water heaters. 


In addition to those, there are hybrid, solar, geothermal and condensing heating systems that may work for your home or small business.

With all the choices homeowners have today when it comes to water heaters, it’s best to speak to a professional who will review your plans or inspect your home and help you understand your options, so you can make an informed decision. 

Maintaining your South Louisiana water heater

Renovating your home with a new water heater is a great quality-of-life investment.

However, now that you have a new water heating system, you need to maintain it to avoid costly repairs and to make sure it is working at its maximum output. Make sure to ask us about our maintenance services for more information.

If you have a conventional tank water heater, plan on major maintenance every once or twice a year depending on the tank, how often you use it and the quality of water you use. The LAST thing any homeowner wants is to come home to find water dripping through their ceiling due to an unresolved problem with a water heater!

For tankless water heaters, you need to descale them once a year. Depending on how many tankless water heaters are in your home, this can be less involved or more involved than maintaining a conventional tank water heater. 

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