Whole House Generators – the New “Must-Have” Appliance

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In south Louisiana, loss of power is, unfortunately becoming more and more common.  More severe storms and the threat of hurricanes are making whole house generators a must have appliance for many homeowners.

There is nothing worse than adding to the anxiety of a hurricane, than being anxious in 90+ degree heat and oppressive humidity.

Today, generators are safe and affordable and give families an extra degree of comfort and safety. They are a lot less expensive than you may think and the newer models  operate efficiently and quietly.

Regardless of whether or not we get a major hurricane during the year, we’re still likely to face times when the power is out. Every year the conditions of this stormy season wreak havoc across the Greater New Orleans and St Tammany areas.

A whole house generator can prevent the agony of living without a refrigerator or air conditioner.  And improve your access to communication.   Besides your own comfort, maintaining a cool house protects your home from mold.

Instead of battling these issues as they arise, it makes more sense to prepare yourself in advance by installing a backup generator in your home.

Standby Generators2

Most generators have an automatic setting so that they take over as soon as the power goes out.   And they are safely connected to your natural gas system for safety and convenience.

Here are three of the biggest benefits of using a generator during a power outage.

Minimize Loss

You quickly realize how much you rely on electricity the moment that your refrigerator goes off. Within a few hours, food in your refrigerator and freezer will spoil, and within a day you may be faced with a very messy and costly consequence of the power outage. By using a generator to supply back up energy to your refrigerator and freezer, you can avoid that altogether.

Increase Safety

In-home medical equipment often relies on electricity, so when there is a power outage, the equipment that is rendered useless can become a serious health risk for patients. Complete darkness can pose a risk for accidental injury and vulnerability. By connecting your devices to a back-up generator you are better able to keep you and your loved ones safe throughout the outage.

Provide Continuous Power

When you are well prepared for power outages then there is minimal lapse time where your home is out of power.

As hurricane season ramps up, now is the time to have your generator installed.  You won’t regret it the next time the power goes out.   And it will!