WiFi Thermostats – What’s the Big Deal?

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If you have any techie friends or follow any tech blogs, websites or social media channels, then you’ve probably at least heard of WiFi thermostats.

A part of the latest home automation craze, WiFi thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home’s cooling and heating system anytime, anywhere by simply using an app on your smartphone.

That’s right!

WiFi Thermostat

If you’re halfway across the country or around the world on vacation and get that nagging feeling that you forgot to turn off your home’s A/C system before you left, you can simply check your WiFi thermostat app to see if the A/C is still on while no one’s home, and turn it off so you don’t pay to cool your home when it’s not needed.

We’ve been helping Northshore and Metro New Orleans residents with their home cooling and heating needs since 1989, and trust us, we’ve never seen a craze as hot as WiFi thermostats.

They’re not just for early adopters of technology – those people have had WiFi thermostats for years – they’re for everyone and are quickly becoming the expectation among new home buyers in our area.

So, What’s the Big Deal About WiFi Thermostats?

WiFi thermostats are a big deal for several reasons, including:

  • Increased Ability to Save on Energy Costs

When you invest in a WiFi thermostat, you have the ability to preset temperatures throughout the day so you’re only cooling or heating your home to your desired temperature during the times you’re actually in the house. Let’s face it. No Southern Louisianian wants to come home to a hot house that may feel even more hot and humid than it is outside during the summer. At the same time, you don’t want your electricity bill to skyrocket during the summer just because you’re pumping the air conditioning all day long in efforts to keep you home at a comfortable temperature while you’re actually there.

With the ability to preset temperatures for designated times throughout the day, as well as adjusting those presets anytime you want directly from your smartphone, a WiFi thermostat provides you with a tremendous opportunity to come home to a comfortable house, while drastically saving on the summer utilities costs.

Trust us. The cost savings you’ll get from your summer energy bills alone are worth the investment in a WiFi thermostat.

  • More Convenient Than Ever Before

If you have a manual thermostat and want to come home to a cool house during a hot Louisiana day, you have no choice but to blast your home’s A/C system all day long, even if nobody’s home during the day. WiFi thermostats, however, allow you to change your home’s temperature with the tap of a finger, anytime and from anywhere.

Let’s say you planned to come straight home after work, but have since decided to pick up the kids from school and go out to dinner. Instead of sticking to your normal preset temperature, you can easily adjust your cooling time period to reflect your new schedule for the day.

How’s that for convenience?

  • The Future (Or Shall We Say “Present”) Is Home Automation

If you follow anything tech related, then you know that home automation is the latest craze.

Homeowners are using smart devices to turn their lights on, check in on their home security system, and even play music periodically throughout during the day to give the appearance that someone’s home. With all these other aspects of your home becoming automated, why wouldn’t you choose a WiFi thermostat to automate your home’s cooling and heating system?

Contact Us With Any Questions

We know that technology can seem intimidating, and with so many options on the market, it can be confusing to know which WiFi thermostat to choose for your home.

Don’t go the DIY route and trust the “advice” of a home improvement store employee who isn’t fully knowledgeable about WiFi thermostats, home automation and home cooling and heating systems. Instead, call us with any questions about WiFi thermostats at (985) 646-0540 on the Northshore or (504) 241-3135 from the Southshore.