Winter is Right Around the Corner – It’s Time for Maintenance on Your Heater!

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Winter is Right Around the Corner - It’s Time for Maintenance on Your Heater!

You know what they say about our weather here on the Northshore and Metro New Orleans – one day you’re walking around in shorts and short-sleeved shirts, and then just like that, you’re bundled up and cranking up your heater.

And it just happened to us last month as our temperatures took a deep dive when an Arctic blast of cold air made its way over the Northshore and Metro New Orleans. And we technically weren’t even out of hurricane season, yet!

At Benfatti Heating and Air, we’ve been helping Southeastern Louisiana families stay warm and toasty during our winter cold snaps since 1989. That’s 30 years of service to our community, making sure that you and yours have a properly functioning heater when our temperatures plunge!

Now is the Time to Schedule Maintenance for Your Home’s Heater

While we do offer same day service for repairs and maintenance, the best way to keep your family warm and comfortable this time of year is to pre-schedule maintenance before you need to turn your heater on again – or schedule it right now if you’re already running your heater 24/7.

That’s because when the cold snaps hit – and you know there’ll be more here before we know it – our phone starts ringing off the hook from homeowners around Slidell, Mandeville, Covington, and Metro New Orleans whose heaters either aren’t functioning properly or have stopped working altogether. Trust us, you don’t want your family left out in the cold when the temperatures drop, and the best way to keep them comfortable is by scheduling an appointment for maintenance today.

What Does Maintenance Include?

You might be wondering why you need your heater inspected and maintained seasonally. Here’s a list of what our technicians are looking for when they come to your home to inspect and maintain your heater once cooler weather hits:

  • We check to make sure all vents are working properly, and that there are no blockages that will stop your heated air from being delivered into your home
  • We make sure your thermostat is properly operating, calibrated, and leveling, and we even inspect WiFi thermostats, too
  • We check for any leaks in your system
  • We clean your heater so it’ll function at its best capacity

Additionally, if we find any issues that will likely need to be repaired this season, we’re able to schedule those repairs ASAP – before we hit freezing temperatures again.

Maintenance Keeps You Warmer While Keeping Your Natural Gas Usage Down

If you’re like most families on the Northshore and Metro New Orleans, you probably don’t have high natural gas bills every month, even if you cook on a gas stove. But once those cold snaps hit and your heater’s blasting, that bill certainly does spike!

However, when you get maintenance on your heater, we make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible. This means you don’t pay extra to get your warm air delivered to your interior rooms, which helps reduce natural gas usage.

Sign Up for Our Maintenance Plan and We’ll Remind You When It’s Time to Inspect Your Heater and AC

To help keep you comfortable all year long, Benfatti offers homeowners in Slidell, Mandeville, Covington, and Metro New Orleans heating and air maintenance plans for both Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer inspections and cleanings. By checking your heater in the cooler months and your AC in the warmer months, we’re better able to ensure you and your family will be happy and comfortable all year long. We even offer special pricing programs, so that you can spread out the cost of this bi-annual service throughout the entire year if that option fits best in your family’s budget.

Call Us to Schedule Your Maintenance Today!

To sign up for a maintenance plan, or to schedule maintenance for this month, call us at (985) 646-0540 on the Northshore or (504) 241-3135 in Metro New Orleans. Our Comfort Specialists are ready to help you!